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Yeah... so first thing today brings is my desk with no chair. Ok, I go grab a chair from elsewhere... (mine was already shipped out) but damn... I hate sitting at this desk in something other than the chair my ass - small and mostly insignificant as it may be - is used to.

Holy crap!!! What the hell was last night? Post a million posts night? wowzers.

~ significantly less hair... er... ok, wait that's kinda personal, never mind
~ gray ftls
~ gray / blue gray dress pants
~ gray T (original aren't I!?) and a big beige - with blue tones - turtleneck.
~ a smile born of the necessity of getting my act together 'cause today is really freak'en important. :D
~ get to work and watch my new boss terminate a coworkers contract three weeks early to appeal to corp risk management... not a good thing but expected.
~ finish an appendix for my client doc
~ power off and unplug my desktop
~ lunch with an old friend
~ afternoon with the client presenting documentation... blarg!
~ um... it's Friday right? no plans for tonight.
~ and to look for a picture of me from high school... why? go laugh at [ :: this post :: ]... :D
~ that my afternoon goes well with the client.
~ to send out some love'en to wallacebear because everybody deserves loven and sometimes... it's just a good idea. xo
~ um... ldy... when you meet with the admiral...Admiral Spliff, you end up feeling splifferisious ... just say'en. :D
~ that my sweet friend auntyadele's little Tas (Tasmin) feels bedda really soon... :)
~ 70 ... txgirlie... just holding that number up and giving you a little vh5 and a hug.
~ and a confident little hand holding moment over to breekola because she's more than worth that... fight'en or not.
~ and if I haven't mentioned knightsdawn lately then lemmi just say Word! ... I finally got to see him... NOTE: Corto likes to see pictures of his friends!! (lord knows you see enough corto ... :D)
~ hey ... di? sparklegrrl... get better sugar...

Ok I really gotta jet... see ya muchachos et muchachas... and remember to smile at strangers... they prol'y need that. :D
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