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It's a sunny but cool day in Ottawa... and I'll see very little of it... sniff... work work work.. .blech.

Do you have kids? Do you have high speed access??? This link... will take you to a disney web location where your 6 - 9 year old can launch a 3 day demo of the game Toon Town and it's pretty fun for the little people... really!! :D Geo and Ed were having a great load of fun with it last night. :D

So West Wing... Amy is a bit of a messy-dressy but I'm so into her its silly. I mean, Ainlsy was just pure hero worship and always made me think of kitiara but Amy er... pushes a few key corto buttons. And she's gonna be on all the shows... wohooooo...

~ gray hains bbs
~ new blue jeans... that actually fit... wohoo.
~ p-z long sleeve and a txt v-neck sweater... it's a bit chill out there...
~ and because tomorrow is gonna be just fucked (move day at work)
here's a [ :: "friday like" other picture :: ] proving the jeans fit... :D
(and yeah, I'm a cheese ball...)
~ to download a whole lotta Shakira... and yeah, spanish lang is on deck.
~ this is my [ :: desktop :: ] for a little while... :D (and that's the ever adorable sugar-kriz and Ms. Endless Sparkle
(note the desktop pic is kinda big but I did reduce it by 50% to make it a wee bit less evil...
~ get the first "final" draft of my client report done...
~ pack my office
~ go to lunch with everybody else in the building... last lunch together...
~ try to buy a "credenza" and a bookshelf from the movers... to finish off the "new office" zone at home...
~ and to maybe get to writing the S6 update... time is at a premium today.
~ date night? Poor little Edward is the question mark... I think it might work out... poor little cough machine.
~ that I can stick to the plan and get to bed by 1:30?? 1:00 on a regular basis... this will really help life.
~ the my pal, the uber-precious Kym (nbbmom) manages to have a great day today... zoooooooooooooom. :D
~ an adorable mommy in sunny california knows what a good mom she is... because pugloverkristy makes good decisions for great reasons... and Zac is one lucky little man.
~ to point out that circlek really does rock... tastefull, far-fucking-out and beautiful always manage to work together when I think of his work.
~ to send out a big happy Birthday to hoorah... the main squeeze of the always squeezable shann and great dad!!!

Ok... I have so much to do it's totally goofy... I'll see ya later. :D

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