Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

My New Years wish list... or corto's great big list of mushy stuff:

Ivan: (ratonil) Yo! Ottawa bound ... even as I type this... you won't read this I reckon, but none-the-less, I hope this year is filled with stories of "O" (good ones!).

leah : (fireflieleslie) Ok, omg, you could not possibly be any cuter. Sorry to be so 'out with it' about it but I've seen that pic... you are adorable. You have got to post that and make a head shot! The blue two-tone looks great! I sincerely hope with all my heart things you get to have a little more control over your life this year and that all the choices you have to make work out on top...

lianna: Peace to your heart, patience to you hands, calm in your mind and love in your life: these things I wish for you as truly as it is possible to wish.

kym: (nbbmom) Essentially my wish for you is so selfish!!! I mean besides wishing for health to nicky and uncompromising love from bobby, I wish, hope and pray that you don't get bored with LJ… I love to read about you and I value your friendship greatly - and besides, you're the only adult head-banger I know.

Kathleen: (krussell)Mrs. Russell, manager extraordinaire!! The smart money in the wish department with Kath would lay it all down on hoping your company getting bought out turns out as great as everyone hopes… it's a scary proposition and my hopes are in your corner. So, one way or another, 2001 will be a year of beginnings for you Kath. Tuck in your cape!

BourbonStreet (that the heck is your name?): Having read so many ups and downs with you - one of my earliest lj friends - I feel so much like I know you! The girl I know needs to make 2001 the year she gets her groove back! Feeling good about yourself is such powerful mojo…

Bair: I hope you have a good meal out real dam soon to make up for last night!!!!

Ok, more later alright - I gotta fly.

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