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Just a few evening wishes before I take apart my computer desk and lose connectivity for a while...

~ that my friend pasticcio and her family... are well or find their way back to "well" soon... my heart is aching for a loss they have had to endure.

~ for reens ... we do, very much, hope that all turns out well with Mom. The doc's are going to do a bang up job and she'll be right as rain. (but fingers and toes crossed just the same).

and a couple of quick birthday catch-ups...

From yesterday!!! March 24th...
Happy Birthday byron A good texas boy with a killa Mail Box... :D I hope the next year goes well for you Byron. You've had a great run up to this years birthday and that's absolutely always a good sign of the times ahead. Peace brother.

Yo gerber1701 I mean, Captain Kirk... ya haven't updated in 57 weeks... that's a whole year and change bro. Happy Birthday and I hope that you are well where ever you are. Your last journal entry was on my the day of my 40th birthday... :D You mentioned going for a nap... WAKE UP!

And a special "Happy Slightly Late Birthday" message to a dear and precious friend paperdoil... the ever yum Ms. Amy of the Boots! (yes, I remember your pictures of those boots!!) I hope this is a bright year for you Amy and that you find the opportunity to make many wonderful memories that stay with you (in a happy way!!) for the rest of your days. Oh, and that you get some seriously great sex too! :D You have been a wonderful friend for years!!!! and I hope I get to wish you a birthday wish next year as well. :D

Now, for today!!! March 25

gottabecrazy ... Crystal... the girl with sage advice about orgies... hahaha... Happy Birthday sugar-C. I hope you had a great day and that you have a wonderful year! You are a real sweet treat in my universe of net friends and I hope I get to read about things making you smile, giggle, squeal and laugh as this year passes. :D

And last but certainly not least... Happy Birthday Alison!! justagrrl182 You're a sweet young woman and I hope that this BIG year takes you on outstanding (in your field*) journeys of discovery and happiness... May you dream of Jim Morrison and may your waking days bring you just a little closer to the stars...

Ok... time to take stuff apart. (just saying "apart" looks totally wrong as far as w-o-r-d-s go! like all of sudden there is no such word and I just made it up... and spelled it wrong regardless... I need to wash my brain.

* I cannot say "outstanding" without mumbling "in your field"... nasty habit.

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