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01/01/01 a date to remember! Last night was a long night!!!! Dinner was served at 10:00 and went on till 11:40… I dragged one of my guests out to the garage while smoked a joint and we got ready for ball drop'en time. Our kiddies were up till 1:30 … and our guests kids were right there with them.

Ed complained of a sore tummy yesterday and - as I posted - got seriously sick to his tummy around 2:00 … but he had a sleep from 4:00 to 8:00 and was fine after that.

While we all toasted the new year and pretended to like sipping cheep yucky champaign I told em all to hold on a moment and I made them toast you guys… I listed off the top of my head a vast majority of the names of my lj friends and told them a snippet of info about each person then when I was done we poured more and toasted again. My buddies wife came upstairs to see Lj and we surfed around a bunch… I'll bet she gets into it. It was kinda neat to be realize that I know you guys prol'y better than I know most of my regular friends - sounds sad, but you know, it seems like we (lj friends) get personal faster than RW friends by a long shot.

Oh, we watched Gladiator from 1:40 to 4:10… ahhhhh!!! Cool movie.

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