Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So, I've decided to link the morning picture to my web... you know, where the cam is. Of course, the cam will prol'y be off line in the 'work day' for a little while starting next week but ... whatever. Let me know if that's a pain. I can't imagine but I'm always open to feedback.

There are babies a'coming... ly, velcro_girl and ten are all getting really very close. :D I'm getting kind of excited for them. :)

~ gray ftls...
~ those dockers again
~ jet black t... (ok, it's just black, but saying "jet black" sounds cool)
~ silk button up shirt thing with stitching that likes to be not-tucked-in...
~ to id and pay for another workstation at work... way too much fun with that furniture last night...
~ client work...
~ several project reports to take up the slack as people stop working here... ug!
~ tuesday night? hmmm date night maybe... (i forgot to phone the sitter last night but I'll talk to her today)
~ well, that I get the workstation I want...
~ that I get to catch up a little on some friends...
~ for some small miracle... or even a really big one... to find it's way into the world of kristylicious's family...
~ to point you at a startlingly harsh article that nbbmom posted .... it's stunning... it's about one of Caterpillar-Lips kids...
~ I'd get around to filing the nails on my right hand... did my left the other day ... I keep carrying the file around but never get to it... er, I'm gonna go do it now... I'm sounding a lot like a Carol Burnet style Secretary... clicketty click.

~ to place a greater value on the lives of the vanquished than their own leaders do at the expense of your own troops... a dilemma simply beyond the reasoning of normal people.

Ok... so much in my head... just jonesing to get out... but for now... It's work time.

See ya.
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