Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless
corto Spun! :D

Do you want a screaming good deal on an official Colour Game Boy Pokémon Edition????? well then... you gotta go [ :: HERE :: ] asap!!! 15 hours left!!

War words: Conflict of this sort, unfortunately, tends to be divisive...
as average people try to make sense of things with only tiny little pieces
of the big picture in hand. We are all very much the same... after all...
and none of us are "the enemy".
Love one another... be patient with opinions that make no sense to you...
chances are there's confusion and misunderstanding just around the corner from each of us.

~ green hains bbs
~ dk blue dockers
~ jet black t... silk sorta button up thing... I like.
~ oh god... I'm one of three people in our office... besides husky mover types emptying the place out...
~ doing a serious attitude change today. "Funk be gone" is my plan for the day...
~ I go to see the new boss at 11:30 and make a play for a little bit of business....
~ still working on a clients final report...
~ TO WATCH SURVIVOR TONIGHT... (remember it's on tonight... not tomorrow)
~ tune in to "war-live-on-tv" geez... what is the total dollar value of the bombs that detonate in the first hour?
~ I wish for the sons and daughters... mothers and fathers... that are in harms way to duck at all the right times and find their way back into the arms of love.
~ that the world of a dear friend (misskris) to smooth out... it's been so long since we talked sugar...
~ to scream across the country to iamharmony that Banff is the much better bet... montreal is just another city... nice ... but BANFF!!!! Do it...

Happy Birthday To The Notorious Kym

That would be the ever precious nbbmom...

I will simply never run out of places in my heart to hold little bits of you...
Thank you for your friendship Kym...
You have made a difference, in me and in my world.

May you wear that smile all year long and I hope you make baskets full of memories worth carrying with you for the rest of your days.
(and one more wish... that someday... sooner is better, btw... we can find the chance to let our children play together and we can spend face time together.)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Kym... Happy Birthday to you!!!!
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