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spin spin spin spin... come on spin dammit.

Morning lj... welcome to the jungle... a big-wooden-box-on-wheels type of jungle... as moving company scavenge the building grabbing up furnature and equipment around what's left of our teams. We work through the end of the month at this location although most other employee's have left to either new jobs or the new owners offices. That is an office that quite simply would have to be in another city to be any further away from where I live...

I'm officially in fight-the-funk-miester-mode in my zone and I'm certain a little crack, plenty of coffee and a bucket of success will solve that for me... success is a pretty good drug when you can earn it.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ deep gray (hahaha... ok... so it's gray) Tshirt hiding under my current fav sweater... blue bluenotes with the red stripe.
~ well, if I can get something accomplished today, it's gonna do wonders for my self concept so... work work work.
~ make a real dent in some geek stuff that's pending at home with the server...
~ paint the trim in our bedroom.... z is laying in this evening blue thing of ralph lauren "micro bead" paint... tres bizzar textured walls and it's gonna be beautiful.
~ to shoot a little hope out to a precious friend and her hubby-man as the pixiecup family works at the good work of holding it all together. (hug!)
~ for the strength of several gods to slip inside the sheets with tonya... (hmmm it's a "just because" thing)
~ that today brings no demons into the world of my friend arlyn... Nerves of steel baby, and if you don't have 'em ... fake it... you'll be happy you did.
~ to send a little love'en out to txdevil... that's a nasty few days to put under your belt Christie and I know what's it about... (been flooded out before).
~ and - taking a cue from one of my own personal gods ... inspectorjury... Happy Birthday Live Journal... You're 4 today... According to the rules, you should be able to pee standing up and eat a yogurt without it landing on the ceiling. Go you! (ps... check the goat icon on at haha...
~ for the calendars sweet relief to work it's unfortunate magic for my very long time friend lique.
~ that for a breath of relief to wash over my friend td... and his partner Kim... their little boy is still in the hospital trying to get better and now there's a bit of fever working it's way into their little girl. It's time to send a friend some good vibes muchoachos et muchachos... visit a friend of mine and send him a little bit of lj love. It's going to help... you'll see.
~ I didn't cry every time I hear this song... since the first time and every time.. pretty pathetic eh...
~ to send a wee smile out to a friend ( a friend I will treasure for as long as I can imagine being on the planet, versus... er... in it) serraph... I love that you have life happening around you and that it's a life that is bringing smiles to such an adorable girl... :)

Dancing... er... freaking Betta fish are pretty well the order of the day. Buddy, the blue one is really perked up since we got the brine shrimp thing going.. .I bought a mini BRICK of frozen brine shrimp for the little guy... and Red??? yikes... that dude is just getting goofy... dive bombing the rocks and flinging himself around his little tank when ever you stop to watch... then he finishes and stares at you like he's waiting for a little applause...

ps. i still cannot type applause without saying applesauce out loud... I wear headphones most mornings from the second I get to work till lunch listening to music but sometimes I just stop the music and forget to remove the headphones... I just said apple sauce - rather quietly I thought ... and heard a coworker mutter "applause applause dude..." ... knows me too well. :D

La8er Sk8ers... :D

er.. pps the "8" thing will always be a Kathleenical (daikan) thing for me... :D
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