Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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lj bd's

Catching up on birthdays;

Happy Slightly Late Birthday Jenn... mariposadyke. I hope you have a stellar year ... you little dyke you!! :D Make some memories worth carrying with you for the rest of your days.

Happy actually on-time (with 25 mins to spare!) Birthday Leah!! phinnia. You've been a wonderful friend this past year and I do very much hope that you stay healthy, happy and loved.

... and ...

Happy Birthday to another Leah!! Sweet fireflieslie... Leah was in that first kinda block of friends I made in lj and it feels like forever ago... coming up on three years. There used to be this feature in lj where you could see on the stats page the last 5 journals to have been created... even then, there was a new list with every refresh... I made several lj friends that have been with me since by clicking their name and posting a reply to their first comment... seconds after they made it. This happened to me when I started my journal and I remember it kinda freaking me out... er.. in a good way. Regardless... the point is that this is how I met Leah. She's a much busier little beaver now than she was then and a lot has changed in her life...

fireflieslie... I hope you have a remarkable year... that you find your way into contact with old friends and smile at the finding of new ones... and that you get the car. :D And I will hold onto the hope that we will stay in contact however fleeting as the years tick past.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Jess, Leah and Leah... Happy Birthday to all y'all... :D
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