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Hiya lj. this is our first new years together and I hardly know where to begin. I think I'll start with a little something now about resolutions and dinner then get back to you about new years wishes…

Tonight... friends that are coming to dinner are somewhere between Quebec city and here - there is so much snow that I'm worried we'll have no company for NYE!! and we have chinese-oh-my-god-its-good-fondu, atlantic-melt-in-your-mouth-salmon, cheeses-of-the-freaking-world, salad-central and chocolate-decadence-éclairs for dessert. Awesome liqueurs, good booze and crummy Champaign (total waist of money - lets see, it's midnight, the kids 'el be up in 7 hours, quick, lets drink a whole bottle of Champaign). So, who's gonna come here for dinner?

1. I resolve to stop smoking! Oh wait, did that... ummm...
2. In the new year I am going to make really considered effort to remember that the people I care about deserve at least the same amount of respect I give total strangers...
3. I resolve to discover a way to actually 'be' more patient with my kids.

You know I'm pretty luck to have such a cool group of lj friends… you are such a diverse group of people that it's a constant source of wonder for me to hear about your lives. I look forward to the new year especially because I want to read more chapters in this living novel!

Ack, I have so much I want to talk about… but a billion feet of snow are calling me… shovel shovel…

See ya later today lj.

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