Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Do you live in a major city? even a "big city"??

Look out your window... can you see tall buildings anywhere?

Do you remember how it felt to watch either of the towers fall on 9/11?


Every building in your city falling... oh wait... lets leave a few... but drop everyone that has a government office in it.

Now lets knock out all the bridges ... if it's a bridge... it's gone...

Water? nope... that's off before the first building falls.

Electricity... Don't be silly... that will be off before the water and be off for a long long time.

Oh... and just 1/100 of 1% of the directed attacks against the city went towards the wrong target... seventeen complete residential blocks vanish in a puff of kinetic energy.

You have a battery operated radio? So what... everything electronic in nature was fried while that first building was falling by a explosion above the city that does that sort of thing.

Hospital? hahaha... don't be silly... Don't even think of leaving the house.

Hopefully, you made it to the basement with your children ... hmmm... oh, nobody has basements in your city...

Yeah... just like Baghdad.

However, when it's all said and done... the american tax payer will be fine with the already in effect agreement between the american government and the United Nations to foot the bills for rebuilding Baghdad... all that infrastructure will be rebuilt. It'll just take a while...

So... how many kids in your child’s grade 3 class room? Yeah... can't afford to pay enough teachers to keep that number down huh...
Hey... did you see that street person ... he has kids... somewhere...
Careful... the waters a little dirty... remember to use your water filter for drinking water...huh? you can't afford a water filter?
Did you work for Enron?

Wave that flag baybee...

... just don't forget the reason we all sit around on November 11 or Veterans day and make noises like we give a shit.

Lest We Never Forget??

Hell, if only we'd ever remember...
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