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Driving to work in serious fog... I felt like I was driving through the set of THX 1138... The sun is busy burning away the land dwelling clouds.

My father's father called Belfast the home of his parents. My mother's parents were born in Budapest. It's a B thing I guess but this leads to issues about just how Irish I am. I don't think of myself as Irish at all... If pressed I'll walk the unsuspecting down the path of kilts and caber tossing and when asked I'll say 'arrrrr yeah.. My name is McGeek of the Clan McGeek" but that’s only because I like saying "clan mcgeek". I have several serious issues with "The Troubles" in Ireland and I will never ever understand the social mentality that carries something like that forward... and celebrating a holiday by getting drunk and beating each other up doesn't do it for me either... so Happy St. Patties day and leave your car keys at home tonight... awright? ps. but don't let that overshadow the fact that a thick Irish accent on a woman makes my knees weak.

~ green ftls... and that's all the green this boy is gonna wear.
~ khaki cargos... pockets pockets pockets... everywhere....
~ beige T hiding under a dk blue turtleneck.
~ ma shit kick'en shoes.
~ to sit here and let the hours pass today... today is the day that members of my team have to turn in their signed contracts to the new bosses or not... and not is kinda a drama thing. Either way... for each of them... there is a world of opportunity and I wouldn't raise a word, a breath or a thought against their better instincts... The very best team I've ever had the opportunity to work with.
~ power down content to my clients final report.
~ watch Happy Gilmore tonight?? I'm thinking that has a little to do with how Z's painting thing goes today.
~ pick my sister up from the buss stop tonight... she'll be home from her Across-America adventure meeting up with Net Friends.
~ that my little boys enjoy their first day back at school... March Break is done!
~ that my displace lil'canadian sugar canuckgirl does get laid... but not laid off ... and if you do... well something better is around every corner for an Peoplesoft programmer sugar.
~ for much happiness and confidence to sweep across the world of a precious friend... queenveets ... just 'cause.
~ to point my finger at txdevil and smile... you're a sweet friend Christie... cryptic or not.

~ A tired looking police man, snapping pictures with an improbably large camera, crouches over a skid mark and a child’s shoe while a teenager softly weeps in the back seat of a police car trying to not look at his dads car.

~ Mascara, smudged across the lower eyelid of a party dress wearing girl sitting alone on public transit at 8:30 in the morning, her black strappy heals strung together in her hands while dirty feet tap out an unheard song...

memory is a chilling thing in the fog... for some reason, I remember things like little movies that play out on the edge of my memory.

Ok... busy day... I hope my friends have a great day!!
ps. I have fresh crack... yeah! :D
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