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note Alias is new tonight...

well today has been a long one.

I'm overtired so my patience is at an all time low... yes yes... I'll get to bed tonight. Not much for it... if I don't I'm certain I'll just pass out walking from here the there anyways. :)

We shopped... groceries and home depot. Z has a painting project... the master bedroom is going Ralph Lauren "micro bead" blue... well something like that. There will be pictures. :)

I was so exhausted when we got home that Z - bless her heart - sent me back on the road to take a personal-moment trip to Chapters (barns and nobles) for starbucks coffee and to OD on magazines. :) A nice relaxer. (note: a nap would have been the end of me...)

Dinner tonight was another Rainbow Trout thing...

Two nice fillets of Rainbow Trout...

Lay them out and garnish with pepper, chili powder and some shakes from your fav hot&spicy sauce...

Then cover the one side (skin is down, btw) with breadcrumb and flour mixture (75/25)
Pan fry them in a cast iron skillet with a wee bit of veg oil in the bottom.

The pink of the fish turns milky when it's ready to flip... and flipping is really only just to "sear" the top... with the breadcrumbs become a crispy cajun layer... :D

Zucchini, garlic, onion, some chicken soup base and water and little bit of butter... simmer for the whole time it takes to dress and cook the fish... (crazy delicious).

And potato salad to round it off... sorry for the crummy focus on this last picture...
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