Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


morning... yawn... scratch... ahhhh gggg ... bgurp... thump.

oh ok ok ... I'm awake... well, sorta...

I'm checking journal and listening to the kids watch Spy Kids II in the background... Sunday morning viewing that glues them to their seats. Pancakes are cleaned up and the kitchen is ready for another day... and I am dead dead dead on my feet. I think I'll go lie down on the sofa and snuggle Ed. :)

Hey... go say hi to my friend just1girl... needs some lj action! :)

~ a layer of something over my eyes... ick
~ wake up sweats
~ march break time slot taekwando at 11:30
~ er, yeah, well a shower before that.
~ it's going to be like... 10 degrees... above zero... so today needs something out-of-doors! :)
~ I want fish for dinner... must hit the fish store.
~ that blue betta (buddy) would eat... hasn't eaten a thing in four days. :( Red is chowing like crazy and dancing all over the place but I think blue is having a hard time adjusting.
~ warmest thoughts out to barefoot_dyke on the occasion of her late moms birthday.
~ happy vibe sharing thing with the girl that has the sore thighs... er... nbbmom
~ a little good karma would sneak over to ladonne
~ that your foot is ok abbybabyabbybabysugarsweet!
~ that my friend just1girl's little dante is ok... I know you're worried about yer little fish sugar... and I hope he's ok.
~ and I'm just say'en... a happy, post date, hisbeauty makes me a happy guy. :)

Ok... ever hear of Bhopal? it's in India. You know... India... where they seperate humans in to catagories that make aparthide look like a childrens game... where 1950's southern racism would sound like a joke... Yeah, so anyways this young girl was raped by this guy see, and she was Dalit (lower caste, untouchable) and he was from the upper-caste zone... She was bringing rape charges against him. So his dad paid her a visit, poured kerosene on her and set it alight. She's dead now... charges are dropped... and dad didn't do anything wrong. Newspaper story from last week.

ps. I'm getting this odd little vibe down deep that the season of mini drama is fast approaching lj... the moon is just about full...

pps. this would be a good time to remind you how much I love you...

See ya.
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