Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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It's a screaming bright sunny day out there... and, of course, it snowed last night... so it's white and bright... basically, I live in a Tide commercial.

Road to Perdition. good movie... maybe even a great movie... but the transitions... you know, like "boy walks down hall" or "boy walks up hall" or "car drives away" were way TOOOOOOOOO long! I felt like I was reading a D.H. Lawrence book. I need to watch some less pensive movie selections.

~ sweat pants
~ gray gap hoodie
~ sox and a smile...
~ boiling potatoes to make potato salad
~ cleaning up in the basement before geo gets to have more friends come over...
~ oh... a shower. :)
~ I hadn't missed the gardengnomeGnomi-truth-or-dare :)
~ I had a video camera (which I do) and spent last night on look out hill above Charlottesville, VA (which I wasn't)... because I'd be selling a movie called "The Notorious Kym - Glory Bound" by now and getting rich. And ps. I love it when nbbmom smiles on the inside. :D
~ I could visit Atlanta again... Last time was before my foray into Lj... and man... there's a lot of great lj friends in and around Georgia. wow!

A few quick of late birthday wishes...

I missed a sweet friends birthday a while ago and I really need to make up for that...
Happy very late birthday pookfreak. When I look up "winning smile" anywhere... I keep finding your picture. I sincerily hope you have a year filled with new and strengthened friendships and that you get to travel to meet friends that bring happiness into your life. :)

- and -

A slightly late Happy Birthday out to applelard... the librarian with all the right curls. :) I hope you have a great year Jenn.

And also out with an every so slightly late birthday wish to kat69m. May you dry those out soon... (snicker). I do hope you had a great birthday and that this year brings you to memories worth holding onto forever.

oh, and a quiet little late birthday wish out to rav4rosie... I hope you are able to hold up as many wonderful memories this year as I know you made last year. :)

Next week is gonna have to be the re-start of Computer Free Saturdays. :)
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