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Interesting day. long morning with kiddies playing, watching tv, surfing, cleaning ... basic Saturday stuff. Then a call from a High School buddy. One of a small circle of maybe 15 people will call every year. It's always someone different and that person just demands your presence at his or her house at a particular time - bring kids. Everybody is sooo busy over the holidays... it's hard to nail down time to get together with chums from forever ago. but we all usually cave and make the appearance - always glad we did...

So I saw 8 faces from my past - usually see them at christmas... half of them will be travelers so they're in town briefly before heading back to toronto, or other out of province destinations... and others are just around the block - well actually 15 minutes away - but crap that's only 15 minutes and we still never see them over the course of a year.

No matter what, though, when we get together, its relaxed and warm like we haven't travelled through time and become a room full of people that talk about how fricken impossible it is to score. :)

And there's these little - fresh off the movie "the big chill" little side conversations going on between people that worried about each other and making plans to check up on each other etc.

It's nice and I found out that next year it's my turn. I think Z and I will toss a decent party at them.

ps. it's funny how I can see some of the guys becoming their dads or the girls becoming their dads... hahaha :) the joke here being that in our generation (the tail of the boomers, the zygote of the X) generally speaking ... Mom was at home. All the girls from HS that I see at one of these parties is a professional date of some kind... mostly geeks.

Later LJ. Gonna do a little gladiator later I think.

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