Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Yeah... woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head... or something like that... I recall there being a shower in there somewhere. Up at 8:11 (thanks to several meticulous fiddlings with the snoozing system on the alarm clock) and out the door at 8:36. Speedy me.

Driving to work, checking for linen dents in my face...

~ gray ftls
~ the dk blue dockers again... I know, I know...
~ p-z long sleeve, dk blue
~ the monster sweater... heavy, thick, warm, snuggly.
~ to get my ass to the client for 9:00... and here I am... tra-la-la!
~ my reg office for the afternoon.
~ uber busy boy today (and, as usual, tomorrow)
~ it's Thursday!!! Survivor is on tonight. :D
~ I get time to put another war rant down... it's a brewing, the rant, not the war... which is brewing but not what I'm talking 'bout. ;)
~ to send out a hey! to a new friend and really wonderful add... abbybaby "hey Abby" :D
~ that cherripop212 enjoys her new toy... (get that head out of the gutter... we're talking mp3 player here...)
~ for death to avoid sickboy... get better bro... people with good taste in movies need to hang on for the long run... so you can enjoy them in your dottage. :)
~ that my buddy aristophren has a good time in da'Windy City... and it is windy...

I'm due in another client meeting asap... so see ya later today. :)
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