Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well g'day... :D

At work for 30 minutes and I was just assulted with information. I'll be a busy boy this week. Several coworkers left in the last couple of weeks... my in-basket is full of "see ya someday" notes... (sad). But work is work... You gotta work to live... versus live to work... and I plan on doing a whole bunch of living, so work will just have to be accomodating. :D

It's a bright, damn damn damn cold, sunny day here in Ottawa... the snow was squeeky and crunchy when I left the house. But I managed to get to work in great time and even ate breakfast (must try to make a habit of this).

~ black ftsl
~ dk blue dockers... staine, spill, and prol'y fire and brimstone, proof pants that I just love.
~ dk gray t-shirt with a nice warm and comfy beige (blue accents) turtleneck.
~ [ :: work-cam :: ] is on today... in that I'm at my office... but I may not be "at my office" much this week...
~ it's a monday... I have no plans. :)
~ well, ok... more video editing... (tonight)
~ more work on the boys "ADIML" thing (tonight)
~ sort out my two client projects...
~ call my new boss and arrange a sit down...
~ I could have nights like last night a lot more often... love is best served peacefully, but with a grin that speaks to the scratch marks on your back. :D
~ to shoot out a big hi-how-are-ya-oh-man-I'm-glad-to-see-ya to one of my most precious lj friends... nordicgrrl who is back just a little bit... :)
~ that my sweet lil'pregnant mexican sugar finds a pair of Burbank-Track-Shoes in her mail box one day soon. Why? because wishes do come true...
~ to point out to a traveling canuckgirl that it usually takes a good 24 hours before any real pain starts... so I'll look for feedback tomorrow. :D
~ oh, hoping with all my heart that little Connor gets better and a never-fails-to-be-amazing catherine gets some more rest... I'm liking that you got the "cover me" breaks on the weekends.
~ to say that I think summerspirit is a warm and cuddly snitch... (snitch in a "hogwarts" kind of a way)
~ to tell xaheras that I love her new chop... great hair sugar-egg.
~ that tarpo and isis have a wonderful time...
~ and to point out to a very sweet friend... pookfreak that if Elder Law is practiced by Elder Lawyers, they might not be around to see or benefit from the fruit of their labours... a youthful candidate would carry the benefit of the support farther. (just 2 pennies rolling towards yer toes...)
~ oh, and I hope your hubby is not coming down with anything heido, and that you sync up that body temp thing. :D

Ok... I better get to work ... :) Have a wonderful day all'y'all... (hahaha... me, sounding texan... yahuh...)
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