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wow .. busy day and I keep dealing with the boss telling other people "andy's having a wierd day" (please ignore the non-use of my preferred handle "corto").

So, Big Bro. Gotta love that situation... the show is going to be good this week, they've got quite a bunch of stock footage in the bank... Sumo wrestling (you know, the big suits), full body painting (drat, they had bathing suites on) and a general theme of the HGs deciding that they are not going to let BB screw with them (HA! they are all such a bunch of light weights that no matter how steadfast they feel in their desire to 'keep it together' BB is going to continue the feeding frenzy on their emotions and I'm betting the farm on copious tears and I'll even lay down odds that somebody will be screaming into the cameras before another two weeks have gone by.
.. What's worse, the idea that a dude (Josh) with less than one inch of hair can stand in front of the mirror primping and otherwise poking at his hair for over 10 minutes, or the fact that I left the live feed on that for 10 minutes?
George (the middle age male father figure - crap! he's only like 42!!!!) was the only guy that was actively participating in the painting of the ladies bodies... he was painting the Giraff on Brattney and she even gave him the big thumbs up (no! not that kinda thumb) to his guarded enquiry about painting her breasts... he was rather moved by the experience.
Jamie the possibly reigning (sp?) Miss Washington is begining to slip... she has appeared to be quite manipulative and is not being very well received by the message board flunkies (hi!). I'm going out on a limb here, but it look's a lot like she will run out of make-up soon and the fact that she is actually Micheal Jackson will be revealed in a show stopping moment. Man, you should'a seen her complaining about the one piece speedo they were given to wear for the body painting. The bathing suit was not a prototypical speedo - had a little skirty thing etc. and she was talking about how it made her back-fat stick out - what the hell is back fat? (let alone, how could she tell?)
Eddie I am really liking this guy. He has had these great talks with the gang and in the Redrum and continues to marvel at the other HGs and their apparent ongoing surprise over being manipulated by BB... To paraphrase the Ed-man, "what did you expect?" He is such a classic character... He's talking about home and things he misses "I miss my parents, beating up my little brother..."
In the absense of characters that are truly dispicable, the group will certainly develop falsly dispicable characters and I suspect that the next one to emerge will be either Jamie or Josh.
Survivour prediction: Kelly. Rudy will never make it through the "tell me what you know about the other survivours deal, Richard will melt into the hot coals on the mind over matter deal and given the choice between Susy-the-man and kelly the ex-survivour jury will never pick Susan.
ok back to work.

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