Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well g'morning... it's bright, sunny and cold in my world... (damn). :D

The boys are really just not great... Edward has a definate bug and Geo can't find his appetite. :( So we're keeping them indoors and trying to keep things calm. A possible trip to the clinic is in the offing for today ... we'll see about that.

~ gray hanes bbs
~ ripped old jeans [ :: yes indeed... it's friday after all... butt :: ]
~ and a wee silly moment of [ :: look ma! I got a tan! (sorta) :: ]
~ txt long sleeve... with the orange stripe
~ I'm just about done the trip journal (picture thing) so I'll be posting that in an hour or so...
~ next is to work on the video and the "A day in our lives" post... :D
~ to write a S6 Update at some point...
~ it's a friday... so I'm going for "relax". as a day theme.
~ It's been a whirl wind since we got home... so I'm wishing for actual success in that "relax" plan. :D
~ it'd be nice to actually catch up on anyone in lj... hahaha... I'm just not finding the time yet... but I'll get there..
~ for the peace of loving friends and family to be somehow supportive for my sweet friend kimberly27616

Have a grand day... and I'll get some coffee and finish up that trip post. :D
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