Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So much to do... so little time. :D

We're home.
We had a fantastic time... I've got an accounting of our trip to post later but I'm hoping to work just a few picture links into it before I post it. :D

There has been soooo much snow since we left that I'm just about ready to hop back on a plane and go south again!!

~ first thing in the morning clothes...
~ to unload several smart cards of pictures
~ to get a start on editing the video we shot...
~ to make a "A day in Our Lives" post :D
~ unpack... although that will kinda come first...
~ I get a chance to catch up with some of my friends...
~ to look at email and *gasp* even respond to some...

I dropped into lj last night to say "hi" and part way through responding to some friends... my server had a heart attack... (no idea what went wrong) but it's all better now after some poking around.

The boys are decidedly less-than-healthy (colds and a flu bug that kicked in two days ago), so there'll be some "taking care of the kiddo's" to do today...

I'll be around. :D

(ps. I missed you guys... I hope you're all doing ok... ly, wheelwhirled???? must check on the baby makers!!! )

(pps. who else is preggers? I need to get you in my calendar!!)
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