Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morning! :D

Well today is OFFICIALLY the day!!

I'm going to be away until March 8th... :D
A family adventure in the grandest style. And I've got cameras packed up so hopefully.. there'll be pictures...
I'm planning on making a couple of "a day in my life" series on the trip.

~ green haines bbs
~ blue jeans
~ p-z blue top...
~ well, a trip to disney world...
~ we leave in the mid afternoon to Toronto to spend the night and wing it to Orlando tomorrow.
~ to call sunnlight and raylenetaskoski at some point... (I've got your numbers, and I'm not afraid to use 'em!) and if I'm really lucky... we can find a way to get together. :D
~ that all went well with my sugar in Virginia (nbbmom)... !!!!
~ for wolfiegirl to have a blast on the radio!!
~ and that ladyfire stops shrinking!
~ to just say "hey" to gravity... I'm glad. :D
~ and a very special wish,... one of ongoing happiness to the "freshly" married - in Jamaca no less - blonnie!! Congratulations sugar... you looked just gorgeous in the dress! (well, you always manage to look gorgeous so, go figure). :D

A couple of things....
~ I'll be away, but I'll write the Survivor Update regardless... now the trick will be to find a dial up account to post it from or maybe... just maybe (LOL) I'll have to wait till I get back. :D
~ seeing as I'll be gone for so long... if you've finally decided that you're tired of my shit... well, you know... ;)

I'll miss you guys but I will definately not miss the snow! :D

(I'll leave my cam pointing at the lovely snow while I'm away.)

Be nice to each other... there's just no percentage in doing anything else.
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