Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

LJ Birthday Babies...

Lets see... quick catch-up...

I know Deb will never see this... but one of the single most romantic-in-my-head moments I can remember in my early days of Lj was reading a story posted by nordicgrrl about how she met her hubby... I was in an odd place emotionally and her story fed all my hungers for romance and hope. It was quite touching. She has been a wonderful, although remote, friend for years now (actually only almost 3 but saying "years" makes it feel longer) and while she is away from lj now, I do still manage to bump into her periodically.

It was her birthday on the 20th of February and I wish for her the very best of times this year and hope against all else that she finds a new career that she and her man can be happy with and be fullfilled. Happy Birthday Deb, you little "flasher" you... :D


Next!! Happy Slightly Late Birthday Christie!!!!

Yesterday was txdevil's birthday... She has been a wonderfully supportive and fun friend and she certainly deserves the very best birthday wishes ever!! May this next year bring you all the Wednesday nights you can handle and I hope you get to keep up the contacts you so often talk about in your journal... you have some amazing friends and I'm glad you have the chances to meet and just "be" with them. Happy Birthday sweetie.


For my amazing, delightful, goofy, and every so pregnant uber friend Christina (wheelwhirled)...
Happy Birthday Sugar!!

Like almost no other contact I have been fortunate enough to make in Lj or anywhere online, Christina has been a never ending source of relief from lifes complications. She has always been supportive and seems to almost always be able to use her delishious sense of humour to make me smile through the best and worst that life throws at me. Thank you for being such a treasured friend.
May you have the most wonderful year... with the excitement of your new addition pending... I wish you the best of health, an easy delivery and a fabo year. I treasure you like you cannot believe. :D


Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Christina, Christie and Debby... Happy Birthday to you!!!

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