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Morning... :D

You there? knock knock knock... hello?
Lj had a bit of a seizure last night huh... one of those wake-up calls I guess.

I was driving in to work this morning and heard the song "Beautiful" by Christine Spankguelara...
...just when I'm sure she'll fade away to a moments-of-fame-poke-monkey status...
she comes out with a really beautiful song.

~ black ftls
~ so dark green their black treacle brushed cotton jeans... (long name huh... :D)
~ gray T and a funky kinda silk colared shirt
~ working from my office [ :: cams on :: ] on client stuff for the day...
~ some sorta meeting about the new company owners around the lunch hour.
~ Survivor 6 tonight... :D :D :D
~ more goofing around with web site stuff.
~ lj was all better... :D
~ for some sweet relief to find her way to my friend hollywood. I hope you get cut a little slack soon sugar.
~ the stress of prepping for a family vacation was just a wee bit less penetrating... ya know.
~ that the next week passes with a smiling budda of fate watching over dear Catherine (catherine). I hope all is well on Alan's drive too sugar.
~ to remind myself by mentioning here that lizvang is just adorable...
~ to send a little smile over to towanda ... I hope that spark burns brightly sugar... (go you!)
~ that there was a better job out there for my somewhat snowbound sugar ladyfire... wish wish wish wish!!!
~ to shoot a little positive energy over to a friend (greenwavedave) that needs, deserves, a bit of a lift!!

The problems you may be experiencing with LJ (since 5:30 yesterday) are the result of LJ's effort to deal with being the target of a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack.

A few months ago I got a mid-evening phone call from my ISP... just a hack reading a memo to me... but he was pointing out that the scanning at the ISP had picked up a "Slapper Virus" infection on the OpenSSL implementation on my server. In slightly less geeky talk that means that someone had exploited a weakness in a feature of my server and set up a program on my system to be a part of a DOS attack (Denial of Service) against some other host. I was instructed to disconnect my router and plug the hole ASAP or I'd be shut down. I was scared at first and furious afterwards. Fixing it was easy 'nuf... taking steps to reduce the chance of it happening again was a little harder and - of course - is never a sure thing... but the bottom line was that it was a real sense of violation. I can only imagine what the good people that run LJ must be feeling...

LiveJournal is currently under a Distributed Denial of Service attack, and has been since about 5:30pm PST (1:30 AM GMT) tonight. We have been working with our upstream providers (including several major backbones) to filter traffic as quickly and effectively as possible.

Due to the fact that a DDOS attack involves potentially tens of thousands of hosts all working together against a single target (in this case, us), it is extremely difficult to find one group of IP addresses to block to prevent the attack from affecting our services any further. Our upstream providers are currently filtering somewhere around 1/4 of the IPs on the internet from reaching LiveJournal. Unfortunately, these filters also block legitimate traffic from some users. When the attack has subsided we will remove the filters.

We will continue to monitor and block hosts as we gather more information regarding this attack. We seriously apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you understand we are doing everything in our power to get the site back functioning as normal.

Additionally, if you have any information as to who or what may be responsible for this attack, please email

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