Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj.

Morning... it's a snuffly day today. The weather is a wee bit milder and the two older heads in my house are quite ... um... stuffed. Z is desperately trying to not be sick and failing, and I am in serious denial. Of course, the vacation of a lifetime is less than a week away... of course we'd both get sick. Thankfully the kids are doing well... :D

Today is officially "get better on the strength of mental attitude" day!

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t with a txt v-neck sweater. comfy and a bit casual. :D
~ a whole day at my clients site...
~ three interviews (me interviewing them) today
~ lunch with another client and a coworker...
~ hoping for a new west wing tonight.
~ to send out a great load of huge thank you's...
~ I could stick my finger in christina's mouth.
~ for a spark of something good to sneak up and zap a new friend... joei
~ there was a way to shower txgirlie with hugs and more hugs just 'cause it's a good time for hugs!!!
~ that Catherine (catherine) doesn't hurt her back today... with all that still needs to be done!! (and welcome home again sugar-C)
~ to give a little "bend and snap" to redfenix (LOL!)
~ good luck vibes out to mandelion on the doc having something useful for you!!
~ I could give my dear friend alma_perdida a little lower back rub and help her feel better! :D

ok... nuf for now... I'd better get to work. kinda had a late start to my day... left little Z in bed and get geo and I out of the house... normally not a "late making" thing, but when you factor in a few serious "snooze button" presses...well, it just gets late. :D

See ya later.

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