Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Hola... it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood yo!
The sun is shining...
the screaming bazing evil cold weather has let up a bit...
I don't have to go to a client site today...
and I got fresh crack!

I got into this (LJ) several years ago... for various and probably not-uncommon reasons... I could never have guessed in a million years how many amazing relationships would come of it... how many changes-for-the-better it would make in my life...
Thank you. Thank you so very much.

~ smaller eyebrows than Evan - Joe Millions....
~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ a soft cotton T
~ a cozy beige turtleneck.
~ "alterdatabase" all over the place with an Oracle install on Remedy
~ project work all afternoon
~ dinner at a chinese restaurant... because I want to.
~ kiss'en and a hug'en my girl...
~ for a day without stress to be behind me when I get to bed tonight...
~ I hadn't just checked my friends pages... 'cause now I'm all schmoopy teary and mushy... oh my.... (naw... I'm glad I just looked. :D)
~ we call get to see a picture of aristophren in his tutu at ballet class.... or do you just wear tights?
~ that a drier home, returned to glory is soon awaiting the every precious kristylicious....
~ I could walk into a radio station in Charlottesville, VA right now and grab the notorious DJ and kiss her and hug her and squeeze her...

Hey... so this is prol'y not gonna be a very pop pop popular thing to say... but I copied Little Earthquakes the other day... burned the cd and made a jewlecase etc... and listened to it (first Tori ever) last night... and frankly... I have a Tori CD to give to someone... I'm guessing the lyrics hold deep and valuable meaning... but the Kate-Bush-with-a-cold delivery is just too much for my poor ears. (~ ducks and runs for cover!)

The girl that "consoled" Sarah on Joe Milliionaire last night... curly dark hair... she was better looking than either of the front runners... I'm just say'en, for a "I've never watched the show so she could be a heartless bitch" perspective. :D

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