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Ok, so I'm in time sheet hell. The boiz (my team) are only marginally billable for December so I'm into creative time sheet land slipping time from all the projects into these guys ... (if you're saying to yourself WTF? then don't worry, I am too).

If I get this done I intend to go (virtually) to Australia again this afternoon and smack down another album... from there I found the vanessa amerossi, killing heidi, bardot, billy piper, - and others, albums. I'm liking that land down under for the music they come up with... not bad for a bunch of convicts... :) - gawd I'm just kidding... it's a joke.. don't be so testy.

On that topic, I've been "rivet driving" horny since I got to work today and I just had to go and think about the land of oz... I am a real sucker for an aussi accent. A gyrl with a thick aussi accent - barely understandable btw - could basically expect me to drop whatever and become her slave... so long as she'd promise to talk to me while I was kissing her neck... uh oh.. I really gotta shut up... I'm gonna drive myself nuts...

ok ok, (spoken in the voice of "Leo Getz - the guy Joe Pesci played in the Lethal Weapon movies...) now, back to work....

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