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I have got to get our family back on some kind of track about bed time... I mean, mini medical dramatics aside, there is no reason in the universe that a 7 year old, let alone a 5 year old should be anywhere but a bed after 8:30... especially if one of them has to get up with the sun to go to school!!!! And besides... moms and dads don't get to have their own time until the kidlettes are a'bed and if that isn't until like 10:30 then mommy and daddy have either a short night or are up way WAY too late themselves. It's a bad rut... must fix!

Oh and let me point out that TOMORROW is Thursday and I couldn't be happier. :D Survivor 6 starts tomorrow and while the show may suck (but the boys-versus-girls thing is giving me high hopes) I totally look forward to starting up the show updates again. A boy (me) has to get his kicks yo... and this works for me. :)

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ blue, thick, and comfy turtleneck
~ plenty of client work from my desk... I have a tonne of work to finish before tomorrows "show"
~ visit the new (as of April) office this afternoon... it's soooooo far away from home... across the city, through the worst traffic imaginable... yuck.
~ tonight? well, try to get to my BIL's again.
~ get George in his bed by 8:00.. he's tooo much of a crank monster in the mornings and we all end up getting in the spirit (if you know what I mean) because of it.
~ I could hear the smile that must be in the voice of my fav radio diva (or On Air Talent) ... the Notorius Kym (nbbmom).... 3WV needs to get back into net-streaming!
~ my little Edward keeps getting better... he so deserves to get back up to speed.
~ to introduce some friends... tonya, livingnloving, lynspin and bramey... you should all know one another... no really. :D
~ that whatever circlek heard... it's something he can put away and get back to happy Jer land.

And it's birthday time...

Today is tassy's birthday... she is much absent from journal land, however she's busy making changes in her life that I'm hoping will be a part of a grand and memorable year. She made the icon I used for this post... (note: which is a big deal for me, because I really only ever use my default icon for the morning post). Happy birthday sugar, whereever you are and I hope you have a smile on that sweet little puss of yours. :D

Today is also circlek's big day... a man after my heart with all the beautiful women he photographs and introduces his journal friends to ... however, that's very surface and worth forgetting about for a minute. Jerry, I hope that the things that are making life tough for you move on and let things get centered... you and Blake both deserve that. I hope you have a year of discovery... possibly putting yourself on a path that leads to something and someone new in your world.

and last but oh-my... NOT Least! Today is also simplyred's bday... Happy Birthday Red baybeee. Of all the stories that have fallen into my lap by becoming a journal junkie I have to say your's has been one of the most intriguing. I rejoyce at the thought that things with darling little Savvy came to a conclusion... and with that in mind I wish wtih all of my heart that you are able to put a year under your belt build on new beginings and peppered liberally with joy.

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