Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ring ring... "hello... may I help you?"

So the night was all planned out... After dinner clean up I'd play Zelda with Geo for an hour or so and then, bath, story, bed and I'd head over to my BIL's house to do some geeky stuff them.

Ed has been Eddy Fever for five days now with some good spikes but he is much recovered now... however, he was in need of a shot of something to keep the temp and the cough down while he went to bed.

You need to understand that Ed very seriously does NOT like taking medicin... not even a little. That Tempra stuff when he was a baby went in with a syringe or not at all. So while I'm reading to Geo (the Dwarves are all just out of the barrels, btw) Z administers some Triaminic cough med... ripe with his default hollaring about not wanting to.

He was not all that cooperative and arrived back in his room (Ed and Geo share a room) all weepy with his mouth closed over a dose of med that he was refusing to swallow... stead fast and firm! Unfortunately for him, his throat picked that moment to cough... no meager hack mind you... a good action packed cough. The full force of this cough went, with the medicin, directly up the back of his sinuses and straight out his little nose.

You really had to be there to fully comprehend the (to borrow from ladyfire's early post on the subject of what can live in yer nose) seriousness of the aliens that came rocketing out of his left nostral.

The book went down, while Captain Squeemish (geo) kept under the covers, and I left for tissue... upon my return I was greated with a sight completely out of step with what my head was expecting. Little Edward had his-self a rip roaring nose bleed. At first I was thinking... mmmk... a nose bleed makes sense... he's had 'em before (twice that I know of) and that was a hell of a nose cough. However, after soaking through some serious tissue we started to get concerned.

He wasn't hurting but he was still running at the nose. I suggested an icepack to the back of the neck and then got on the phone. Actually it's pretty cool that I can dial a toll free number and within TWO MINUTES be called by a Regional Health nurse that was ready for anything. :D

Future reference: the ice pack, head back thing is dead wrong. The thing to do, according to the phone, is to sit him down, leaning slightly forward and pinch the soft tissue on his nose closed for ten solid minutes. If this does not stop the bleeding, they recommend seeking medical attention.

It's all better now but there was quite a mess and a poor little guy that's been through a lot lately... big red sore arm inflamed from the vaccination, several days of fever, a chest cold, and then this... blech.

So that's ma story... :)
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