Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Geo and I goofing around this morning... there was a nice smily pic for a while but this was more fun.

A rough night last night was... Ed was pushing 102.x all night temperature and I was freaking cold most of the night... doesn't help that I can't wear anything save boxers to bed or I nutty in my sleep... but damn... freeeeeezing cold sucked.

It's evil weather... cold, sunny but cold...

~ green hanes bbs
~ beige p-z jeans (gasp...)
~ black T and a V-neck sweater... (double gasp... dress code out the window for today)
~ client site all morning... possibly more... we'll see...
~ still working on the presentation for Thursday.
~ tonight? Over to BIL's I hope to fix a few things with their older computer
~ to send out big hugs and little cuddles to The Resiliant Kym (nbbmom) on the sad day-after losing sweet little orea, now gone to the giant cat food bowl in the sky...
~ that a dear friend, dinkydo is doing ok... a woman who has truly earned her way into the thoughts of friends...
~ and a happy 4 months to debby's little Jarod! and I hope mommy gets more sleep!!
~ that another friend finds her center... dear kaylee... life will pull together sugar.

This is going up early because I have no idea what things will be like at the clients so I'll see ya later... maybe.?? :D
peace out.

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