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It seems as though at almost every social and semi social gathering I am asked... "Do you support a war with Iraq?" I am struck almost dumb - but not quite - by this question.

//rant on

My answer? "Who cares what I think?"

There is a great load of information to absorb and to assimilate in the development of a considered opinion on the topic of global conflict. It is - and i don't say this lightly - all a story of oil, energy and money. It is a complicated thing of proportions that, in all likelihood, neither I nor anyone that will read this can fully and completely understand. The United States has been held hostage by it's own foreign policy before and no doubt will be so embattled again. Read up on what happened in Panama in the late 80's to see my point. Be that as it may, on the specific topic of Iraq I have two opinions.

If there is a smoking gun somewhere to be found and the actual fear was the likelihood of Iraq fostering a terrible aggression with biological or nuclear destruction on the peace loving (ha!) nations of the world then drop an atomic bomb on the country and off the lot of them. It would be more humane than torturing the populace for the next decade...

If there is no smoking gun and American interests are so profoundly great in that region then sanction the rest of the planet and bend them to your will - you do this anyways - and get on with it... will anyone, let alone history, be fooled by the rhetoric... by the posturing?

But as for this question... this "do you support a war with Iraq?".... let me say this;

When an American soldier decides unilaterally to put down his or her riffle and refuse to fight it is called treason and that soldier can be put to death for this crime. Now, please race to the conclusion that the American system of military justice is tame compared to others... let alone Iraq. That being said... Soldiers - on either side - are not asked the question "do you support...". They are simply told to fight.

Soldiers on either side are the sons (and daughters) of parents... parents themselves... and the friends of many.

They all melt quite nicely when set alight by the explosions of war.

They are all reduced to the same component atoms when they find themselves at ground zero of some missile, bomb or other targeted weapon.

Rest assured, in the event of war with Iraq, there will be friendly fire casualties.

Collateral damage will dispatch the limbs of babies, remove the heads of school children, and otherwise mortally wound innocents... most of whom will die unattended by medical aid... They will die accompanied only by the cries of others nearby.

American sons and daughters will die.

Iraqi soldiers, embittered by a superior military force will be merciless if not insane in torturing American pilots unlucky enough to be alive after their $50 million dollar jet is shot down by a $400 mini rocket. Both manufactured by people that made their profit years ago.

These things will happen... it's called War. Do I support that? Fuck no. Who in their right mind would support a war? But the movers and shakers of the global machine don't really give a crap what I think do they!

Do I support our way of life? Certainly...

I suppose, if I was faced with unspeakable options, I would die defending our way of life. My ancestors... my relatives certainly did.

Is our way of life threatened? If there is a plausible rationale that yields the unmistakable conclusion that our way of life is threatened... I suppose, if that is the case, our options would be limited.

Is that the case today?

In the end... I can confidently say that I support our governments... look at what they have achieved.
But I am not so pliable or insane that I feel supportive of war.

//rant off
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