Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

LJ birthday bonanza...

Just need to catch up on some friends... and their birthdays...

(and I'm sorry I've not been more timely... )

Feb 5 towanda - Happy Birthday Liz... May your year be memorable for great reasons and your dreams be filled with hobbits and, maybe... just maybe, the flights of fantasy inspired by the wonderful friendships in your life. :D

Feb 6 frostbyte Ahhh Dave, I'm sorry I missed your special day... you certainly deserve better treatment than that. I'm glad 50 turned out to be a memory maker for you and that the family pulled it all together with such class! I hope you find yourself, a year from now, looking back on memories of great friendships and good health. And stay away from city folk that rent woodchippers.

Feb 6 flightyone Happy late birthday sugar... I do, very much, hope that this year puts your children in your hands as much as possible and that you find yourself lifted up by the spirit of great friendships and love.

Feb 7 xellos Who will most likely not see this... but none the less... sweet Allison... I will never run out of good thoughts for you. You have been a remarkable friend in the time we were in closer contact and I look forward to a time when we get to correspond again. Happy Birthday sugar... and I hope you stumble over opportunities galor this year... and maybe a titanium mac powerbook would be nice too... huh. :D

Feb 8 grrrrrrrrrrrowl Hmmmm... a woman that just JUST go married. Congrats sugar and I hope you have a year worthy of the lofty memory that year one of your marriage deserves.

Feb 10 livingnloving ahhh... now one that's actually on time!!! :D Happy Birthday Monica. I hope you enjoy the day and the year ahead. You have a magical aura about you ... I dunno how to 'splain myself... but you just radiate a wonderful vibe and I'm so happy to have met you through your friend Summer... :D May this year bring you two steps closer to your dreams and three steps away from anyting that haunts you. :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday (and "late Birthday") dear - all of you - Happy Birthday to you!!

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