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Morning? ha! what's left of it.

Access to lj is kicking my ass today... client site firewall or lj itself... no idea, but either way... as I type this, I have no idea how I'll ever post it. We'll see.

I have a political rant steaming away inside me about the Iraq thing... but no time, yet, to put it down on paper. (ha, paper... j/k... I mean "put it down on electrons" - which just sounds really Elroy Jetson, don't cha

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t and a comfy warm turtleneck.
~ started my day at the client site
~ heading back to my office in a half an hour
~ getting a presentation ready for Thursday. This will be a busy week.
~ for buckets and buckets of money to be in the trunk of my car... alas... earwax.
~ that a sweet woman (Laurie), hisbeauty finds her kitty.
~ for the last trimester of sweet ly's pregnancy to go well.
~ to congratulate my sugar-bun in St. Catherines (lakme) on the stove and fridge deal... welcome to the Ohhhhs. (That's like saying "welcome to the 90's" except it's no longer the 90's, it's the 00's...the "ohhhs".)
~ I knew how I ended up with this job, when [ :: better jobs :: ] are out there! (thanks spaimy for the link to that)
~ to remind a precious friend occipitaldruid that Fi will recover, kids are good that way, and you will get through because people can. It looks impossible because the whole of the future rests behind the view... but really it's just one day, one week, one month at a time. (hug!!!!)
~ that my buddy luker gets over that cold!!!

Well I just checked again, and still no access so I'm gonna close it up and head back to my office for several marginally stressful meetings. I'm guessing crack will play a roll in my day! :D

See ya.

edit back at my office... now lets see if this posts...
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