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mmm poor overworked LJ... it's prol'y lianna's fault :)
I have no idea if this is going to post.

I got to hold - for a whole big long time - a four week old little baby tonight... it was awesome! I get my kicks with the idea that babies and me get along so amazingly well.

Plucking a squirmy, weepy baby from a stressed, tired, mom that sure wishes she could put a dent in the hors d'oeuvres* tray and having him settle right down is a real emotional blast. No, I don't do that to strangers, and yes I'm only talking about social situation inside the extended family.

Actually the baby's mom is married to Georges god parents brother, that is to say, my best friend married a girl that has a brother. He and his wife have this new baby... She's alone at home most evenings and many days... and is dealing with a major case of pp or baby blues... poor sugar. She's a real sweet heart too. So, I told her all about Lj land. Told her to set herself up. This place is gonna end up with a DIN code. :)

* stupid ass word!

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