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Well mr starch didn't show... he's prol'y off oiling his gun somewhere... hehehehe (can you tell I'm not a big fan of the canadian military establishment...).

Any ways, it's time I got some writing done for the boss lady... (who, by the way, is getting to be quite the outstanding boss in my books... one gets to be rather discerning about ones bosses over time and I'm glad, at this stage of my life, I have a groov'en boss. I like her.

ps. big news!!! I'll be winging it off to sunny florida in early February this year for a tech conference in Orlando - gonna be staying at the Disney Swan (wohoo). About this I am rather excited. I've got the air miles to take Z so we're just working out kiddy stewardship... I do not want to bring the kidlettes. They're too young for disney and Z would end up working too hard to take care of 'em there to enjoy herself.

pps. So I finally saw an advert for Linkin Park (the band now playing) in a local record store ad.

later lj.
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