Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morning lj...

Wednesday? wednesday? It's wednesday right... blarg... I can hardly see straight I'm so bagged... well, ok, I can see straight... I drove to work... I better be able to see straight... however, I'm really grogged. I wonder if I'll get to bed earlier tonight?

er... the [ :: werk cam :: ] is on, as usual... :D

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers (again)
~ gray T, denim shirt both of which are hiding under a warm snuggly bluenotes sweater.
~ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
~ let me rephrase that...
~ iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
~ ok ok ... I'm just into the office and I've a line up of people going on about shit I need to get started on asap... freaking Borgcube server is a never ending source of grief.
~ apparently I'm supposed to be in some meeting somewhere... although nobody has managed to let me know where, why or with who... so fuck 'em. geezus.
~ documenting my client project...
~ finish building my BILs computer tonight... my neices are gonna love this system...
~ a phone call or two...
~ continue to delve into port forwarding issues and hopefully get the streaming cam stuff to work... :D
~ !! West Wing... a new one finally.!
~ to send a shout out to pixiecup...
~ I wasn't totally scarfing down an entire box of Tim Bits... they will rebel against my tummy in an hour or so...
~ I could call up my pal princessblondie and blab for an hour or so... no... for two hours... and it really doesn't matter if she has nothing to say... I can talk all day (LOL)
~ a big Happy Anniversary to a yummi little bit of lakme and her boy ... living in a suburb of Toronto... well, ok, St. Kits is a city but still...
~ that my well painted friend, sickboy, get's over the migraine... I know where you are with that pain and I wouldn't wish it on anyone... well, maybe a few I could think of in a pinch.
~ I could tickle queenveets... just 'cause she deserves it... :)
~ a whole bunch that I had magic beans... 'cause I'd plant them under khisanth and make her get better....
~ and a whole bunch of love out to the very best Satalite Pilot on the planet... who must look just ducky in her flight suit... er... do you wear a flight suit to fly a satelite? Hugs all over gardengnomegardenbum

Ok... I really gotta knuckle under... see ya later...
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