Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

columbia rip.

Well fuck! I was just getting to the wishes, and looking over some friends journals when I got the news. The Columbia is dust... and seven more astronauts join the list of pioneers that paved the way to the stars with thier lives. Sadness prevails.

note: it seems to happen this way a lot... I sit down to give my friends pages a quick review and I get the news of the world.

~ morning gear...
~ layers of sleep on odd body parts that definately need washing... ewwww, I meant, like, my eyes and stuff...
~ egods... plenty...
~ shower
~ clean basement with kids
~ groceries
~ possible quick visit to BIL to review his upcoming computer purchase...
~ 3:00 pm kid zone birthday party for Edward... Z has a Pirate Theme party all planned out... I, of course, am doing balloons... :)
~ I didn't have a sinus headache from hell....
~ to poke at nbbmom, kitiara, canuckgirl and espositarita for having such fun!!! lucky girls. :)
~ for my little bendy friend and sugar-snap indianasweetie to get better... tummy flu be gone!!!

I'm a little speechless (hahaha a stretch for me I suppose) about the shuttle. This sets the space programs back and messes with everyones head, to say nothing of the actual drama and loss of life. bummer.

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