Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en lj.

edit: ewww... I just got a look at that picture... eak! (on rushed mornings there's no time to check... just snap and go... I really should have checked today. :D)

Today's gonna be a weird one. Lots to do in my little cube lost in a big concrete jungle of a client site. :( I kinda got a late start today... my head is still trying to catch up on sleep.

I managed to blow up my server last night... and fortunately, fixed it this morning. :)

I feel like a crummy evil lj friend for being a million miles behind and I just cannot possibly catch up. :( I know I know... I'm the only one that gives me a hard time about that, but still... I feel bad about losing track of some things.

~ gray hains bb's
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk gray t hiding under a big comfy warm beige turtleneck!
~ a day at a client site... in the deep woods of Hull.
~ to read an absolute ton of material on the clients systems
~ do a little remote administration of an angry little unix server
~ it's thursday... which means last night was Wednesday night and I totally forgot about West Wing?? Was it new?
~ more sopranos
~ just a wee wish of rememberance and grace out to lady_anandia. Her grandmother passed on last night.
~ for dreams of Donny Osmand to forever be gone from the nights of a sweet wolfiegirl.
~ to pass some love'en over to canuckgirl ... just 'cause.
~ to congratulate nbbmom on her ratings win... like there was ever any doubt!
~ that I would get a little more response to [ this post (about Survivor Icons) ]
~ more wishes for small miracles for ladyfire's father.
~ that nobody was hurt in the hallowed halls of Education in Jo-burg, SA when teaser gave it the boss boys.
~ I was back in my office so I could spend time with a coworker or two that will soon be "past coworkers"... have a great day Karin. :D

Ok... I came across [ this link ] on a web site... check it out... it's painful to load so many images, but it's worth the laugh when the final "contestant" loads. :D
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