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whew! Well we took a picture of Ed sleeping at 9:30 !!! driving his older brother nuts :)

We're through the major present fest at home and it'll be a short (10minute) drive to my sister in-laws house for Zebra's family Christmas stuff... then a visit to Georges god parents (actually, they're just our super good buds and Geo's god parents) and then finally over to my parents for another session and THEN THE BIG PIGOUT oh my god can my mom cook!

Hey, the ottawa Sun ran a great story (well, I haven't actually read it yet, I'm saving it - but it's a full page) on the Lord Of The Rings Part I movie .... this is going to be so awesome!!!! yeah.

Merry Hoho

Other business:

Hey Luna?!!!

You out there... everything go ok this morning?

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