Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

... an icon?

Upcoming Survivor Show.

The pathetic excuse for a show that was the last survivor series (Survivor Thailand - for those of you, like me, that instantly put it out of your minds) has left me feeling almost angry at the show.

The result will not doubt be a vitriolistic show by show recap dripping with my probably-requiring-therapy displeasure. Yup... I shall be recapping the show again.


This time, however, I want to use a new icon. I started the recaps two years ago with a little alien guy wearing white cotton briefs... um, the icon, not me... rest assured I remained relatively clothed while writing the recaps. I then moved on to the icon used in this post... an icon made for me, if I recall correctly, by summerspirit (an adorable Torontonian if there ever was one!).

While most couldn't possibly care less, I know there are some that do read and enjoy the recaps and I'm betting some of them have artistic talents... :D

So here's the deal;

Make me an icon.
Extra points for putting "corto" in it somewhere... post them to this thread or email them to me at I'll weed out the ones made by the people that just freaking hate my guts updates... (LOL) ... although you never know, I can be quite self-deprecating at times... and come to a point with a selection of hopefuls and have a poll to pick the winner.

The prize...? me lavishing you with affection and using the icon throughout the next series.

So.... whadd-ya say? any takers?
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