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So I come downstairs today with the boys and there... on the floor, in the middle of the family room... like it's always been there... is the long-lost-clicker from the now-old VCR. As you might recall, a couple of months ago this thing became lost and totally unfindable. We had to buy a new VCR - cost considerations were nominal in comparison to getting a universal remote that would include the necessary programming buttons - to get back to the "programming the VCR" zone versus "being there to push record".

Upon further investigation, it turns out that it was in a small toy-tupperwear-container that had been packed up with a bunch of max-steel toys ages ago and put away in the basement - of course.

~ black ftls
~ jeans
~ a t and a p-z chinielle sweater (amazingly comfortable!!)
~ a quick post about last night... right after this one. :D
~ a little cleaning...
~ a trip with the boys to home depot to buy a section of "rug" to cut and fit into our front hall... Our least fav part of the house... (not 'nuf space)
~ take Geo to his first Thai-quan-do (and please don't shoot me for misspelling that! :D) class at 1:00
~ install a new fan in my computer
~ package up the Pyro Cam and return it this week.
~ start bidding on a 3com Home Connect (Vicam - thanks frosty) on E-Bay.
~ I had a video camera with me last night.
~ that all is well for my abot to have a baby friend pamdewind. She's off to the hospital today... in sunny Australia... to bring another adorable child into her world. :D

happy birthday
~ to dang_it - (Megan) a day late (it was yesterday). I have a sneaking suspicion that she wont see this... she hasn't updated for like 20 weeks... but that hardly matters.... I met this very nice woman through ladyfire when she stepped up to the plate to the sort of friend we all need when times are hard. Happy Birthday Megan and I hope, whereever you are, you have a wonderful year and that you get to fill up the quiet moments with loving company.
~ to damny Happy Birthday Dany Jo. You have been through some interesting times in the last year and I hope with all my heart that you get the breaks you deserve this year and enjoy the warmth of good friends as the calendar drips away more pages.

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