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one out of three is find by me. :D

well... ok, it's 12:50 and time for an update...
I still need a shower.

Apple Spice pancakes were a total no-go, as both juniors hear me say "something evil this way comes" when, I actually said "Hey guys... Look, yummi apple spice pancakes.".
I made normal pancakes (because I'm weak that way) after eating a mess of apple spice pancakes myself. :D (they were yummi).

The banana bread smelled wonderful cooking but, alas... earwax. Both loaves failed to rise and the resulting bricks will make good door stoppers.

On a good note... A Bridge. Geo finished his "structure". We used these "notched popsicle sticks" Z got at a craft store, plastacine (sp?), tinfoil, masking tape (everything has to use masking tape because the boys freaking LOVE to play with it... I mean, Ed got a roll of masking tape for his birthday last year and was ecstatic!!), and markers. And Geo did do the lions share of the work... really! :D

Ok... now time for a shower...

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