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(that's American Maid, of The Tic fame... she lives on top of my monitor beside the web cam. :D)

Well... I killed my computer last night... :( haha... (*what a tool!). I sat down at about midnight to install a cd player and somehow managed to kill the power supply (something I isolated this morning after much frogging around... and believe me, I was freaking panicking over the notion that I had maybe fried the main board with a static charge...). So my morning picture is "after I got to work"... on the [ corto werk-cam ]

West Wing was kinda deep thought last night... and we never got anywhere near the Sopranos dvd... went to bed too late again...
mmk... dead computer, no sleep, hot water tank (a rental, thankfully) is fucked up, work is piled to the freaking ceiling here and I'm totally out of crack*, and I'm going to a funeral on Friday morning... (more on this later) but I'm smiling...
why you might ask, in the face of this day is corto-the-loon smiling?
Because it's an amazingly sunny and beautiful day, with 4 inches of sparkly new powder snow covering everything, my wife loves me, my family is healthy and I have friends that never stop making me happy. Go figure... about a month away from being 41 and I'm feeling more alive and more full-of-life than I did when I was 25! Oh, and I have Saving Ferris sing'en about the Dancing Queen building up ear wax under the headphones.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers again... :D
~ dk blue p-z t with a bluenotes blue sweater (red stripe!) - I like the lonely horizontal stripe thing...
~ to price out a ESM solution for a 30,000 staff government department... (rfp stuff and it's freaking rediculous....)
~ Sopranos tonight?
~ go buy a power supply for my computer at lunch.
~ well, that the power supply hadn't died...
~ all the best to this guy I don't know... named Kevin. He's a nerd with a romantic soul and a best friend of my pal sometimes59. And sugar... he will always be a friend like that... you just have to remember that the ball will be in your court for a while.
~ that the one-and-only-dallandra-girl dallandra has a safe experience in Amsterdam and manages to get home in as many pieces as she should be (I'd say "one piece" but she's been eating airplane food... so you never know...:D)
~ to thank my friends in Vegas (missilv & lvglenn) for the very VERY nice christmas card!!
~ sooooo many of my lj friends are struggling with crummy health right now... I sure hope all y'all get better quick and as painlessly as possible.
~ and my biggest wish? that I had more time to spend with you...but work is vieing for my attention. :D

ps. someone posted a link yesterday to a news story about a young woman that was killed in a car accident when the deploying airbag rammed a baby Jesus statue that had been on the dash, into her heart. Besides all the irony in there... the fact that the parents were quoted in the story saying "we're happy she died with Jesus in her heart." just makes me cringe!!!!

later skaters.

* crack = choco covered espresso beans....
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