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Well hello again. LJ, I've been a little busy today and well, you came last!
So much happens on a weekend and I update you so marginally that I end up swimming in info on a Monday morning.
Where to start, ah yes the idiot project from hell. Please click to view the updated mini cad file on the sand-hexagon (If you know nothing 'bout this your lucky, but - as I've said before and will again at every opportunity - yes it is as stupid as it sounds.
The link: Updated Hex Plan! Scroll down to see the part of this plan that was not on the first draft. (note that your browser needs the acrobat plug in enabled... ) The newly added element takes into account the actual width of the bench boards... so 7/8th's of an inch becomes 2 & 7/8ths inches (Note also the little algebra deal happening at the bottom of the page (x = 5 * tan 30) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA like I was going to remember that while scratching my hasn't-been-in-high-school-math-in-a-long-f%$#ing-time head.
So SIX boards became six extra boards cut too short to be helpful. Back to Home Depot to buy more wood - somebody kill me now!
Here is a picture of the sand-circle as it looks today. I vow to make this project work and I will update LJ with new and improved pictures. (warning, its a 151k image that I did not get a chance to 'make small' before I uploaded it to my web server)
Click Me: The Sand Circle
-- I'll stop here and do a BB update at lunch.
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