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Ok... I really need to break the cycle... bed at 2:20 and up at 6:50 didn't quite work but...
up at 7:18 did and that still kinda sucked... my magic number is 5 1/2 hours. 5's not 'nuf.
Especially when shoveling the evil white stuff is on the morning menu.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue new dockers (uber stain resistent thingies)
~ gray t with dk blue turtleneck.
~ a whole bunch of RFP stuff....
~ bank! call the bank (note to self!!)
~ resp stuff... (kids banking!!)
~ do a little something about the birthdays that I've been missing!!!
~ new West Wing tonight... get to use the groovy new vcr programming... none of this dashing around the house when my watch beeps crap!
~ maybe another epi of sopranos ( :D :D :D)
~ that giggly_girl keeps on a'swooning... :D That's gotta be a good place for your heart Christina
~ to remind Catherine (catherine) what a great mommy she is. :D
~ that sometimes59 would go'head and have all the girlie moments she wants... 'cause... er... yer a girl! :D
~ that I knew what was what with baybabayba???? I'm just miss'en her s'all....

So... um... is there any chance I'll get a few peeps to [ sneak back to this post ] and add their two cents (er, two lips!)? I mean christmas has come and gone and I'm thinking maybe there's a few new digital cameras out there so getting a lip pic can't be too hard... can it? :D There's some classics in there but the goal is more for "all sorts" ... not just pouty killa reds... I only have, like three guys lips in there... (oh, emails are fine too if ya don't have a host for the image file...) Tell yer friends... you know people I'll never know...

mmk... I gotta get myself busy...
If I haven't told you how much joy you bring into my world... I'm telling you now.
Loving you guys is the easiest thing in the world.
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