Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj

In the news today is word that the company I work for is once again entertaining a take over bid. This could be neutral or bad... not a lot of room for it to be good... time will, as they say, tell all.

First shot at a morning pic included an uber-cute George in the background and a way way dead looking corto in the forground.
[ click for pic ]

~ ok... I don't spend my life in sweat pants and shirt... I'll wear somethin nice after a shower. :D
~ to shower (duh)
~ take Geo over to a friends house for the afternoon.
~ go to a couple of stores on a "returns and exchanges" binge...
~ enjoy a cold but wery wery sunny day (it's snowing to beat the band in Toronto... Ottawa is clear blue and beautiful... go figure)
~ to thank you for the feedback in the poll yesterday... I needed that info. :D The remote cam is back to 320x240 but with a new interface. :D
~ you could all have today and tomorrow off...
~ the boys would stop yelling downstairs...
(nics off to politely ask them to be quiet... hahahaha... yeah that's the ticket... "politely" lol)

Some joker shots off a grenade launcher at a wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan and 5 wedding guests get blowed up.
mmmk. 'nuf said.

um... stephaniekaye has a beautiful smile... just say'en. :)

oh... now there's tears downstairs... must go be dad... See ya. :D

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