Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


These are the days that slip past us.
On a journey to a "time of remembering".
When I am there, I do not want to struggle for recollection.

I will look back with wonder, and see with great clarity.
For these are the days I am recording...
... and if I live forever, I will never regret this effort.

In the last year my life has come through the most dramatic
and to my way of thinking, the most important challenges.
From the edge of marital disaster, through the trials of parenting
and the seemingly unfair, but all to familiar stress of working
with an axe just out of sight but never out of mind.

This was 2002.

I will, in my dotage, remember this year as a turning point,
as a line in the sand of my life.
There will forever be the life I lived before this year
and the life that stretches out after it.
Always distinct.

Compared to the trials I have read about in building relationships
with the friends I have made on-line I know in my heart that I am
lucky to have suffered challenge only in the ways that I have and
not in some of the ways that I have read about.
You, my journal friends, have knowingly and unknowingly,
given me great strength and greater resolve.

Can you imagine that there is a deep truth to the notion that I am
an unimaginably happy person?
There is so much joy in my life that I worry over the unfairness
of joys distribution... my cup, as they say, "runneth over".
It is the very least that I can do to try and reach out to friends
and hold their hands, clap with them, cry with them,
giggle with them or generally share space and be a companion.

This has been a year of babies...
so many friends had babies this year... and thankfully,
I’ve had the chance to hold many of them in my hands and my heart.

A year of children...
my boys are growing so much... we actually get to sleep in on the weekends past 8:00...

A time of love...
in the 16 years that I have known, and loved, my darling wife,
I know without hesitation, that I love her more today than I have ever loved her before.

New friends...
to have a friend from lj (kimberly27616) and her main squeeze (nortacon)
visit us in our home and stay to share a holiday is the icing on the cake of this year.
I have been fortunate enough to meet several lj friends this year and I hope
that life leads me down a path of meeting ever more friends.

And renewed strength with old friends.
so many friends, met on-line and held close in my heart, have been with me for literally years! ...

I am one very lucky duck.

Thank you.

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