Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

scratch... yawn... yikes... Ok Ok I'm awake... no really

ack... ok...I'm awake....

tylonal night time extra strength cold relief caps kinda zone you out hard core but ... the next morning is a big improvement... cosmetic or not... :)

Z watch Meet Joe Black after I took the cold caps last night... I kinda lay on the sofa with her for an hour or so but I recall stumbling up to bed while Brad Pitt was wandering around acting like he didn't know what peanut butter was.

~ wake up sweats...
~ a rather blearly look in my eyes...
~ to shower etc. and go to my moms to do a little upgrade to winXPpro for her.
~ bring kids, let them play and let Z have a nice quiet start to her day. :)
~ otherwise? nothing special.
~ that you all have an ex-pecially grand day (snicker... hi nbbmom. :D)
~ that luker maintains his self control in the face of too few tapes in a tape library.
~ that somebody loans krizsa a car ... and you want to have "credit card insurance" to avoid unneccessary insurance on the rental... call your cc company to see if you're covered that way... (makes a big difference!!)
~ for incarnation to get over tummy-uggies (otherwise known as the flu) right quick!!!
~ smile at my friend alma_perdida knowing how much happy she is to have had so much time with Ni. :D
~ that catherine makes it to that place where you wake up in the early morning - even though you're a night person - without much effort... I'm there now and I understand her pain! :D

I have so many birthday notes to catch up on... I hope I get there today...
Quickly though, please accept my Late Birthday Wishes for;
Dec 26 : Long time friend evil... a man with a funky Christmas Card last year that I will never forget. :D
Dec 26 : thetech... Norm... a prize on anyones friends page and great man in the world of almost local lj'ers...
Dec 27 : A sweet woman and a good friend in Toronto summerspirit
Dec 29 : sillz... who has all of my wishes for her hubbys good health as 2003 kicks itself into place.
Dec 29 : and sunnlight... an adorable woman with fun icons and a wonderful spirit. :D
Happy Birthday to you all ... and I do hope we are able to stay in touch for another year (at least) ...

Alrighti... I gotta hit the showers... later skaters...

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