Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Same story every year with me and Lj and the christmas holidays... way WAY too much going on with family and friends to pay as much attention to lj as I'd like... I'm sorry if I've been missing anything earthshattering... I check as best as I can but there's just not enough time.

I woke up this moring feeling like death... stuffed head, sore throat and one hulluva full body ack (hm... spelling? "ay-ke" is phonetically what I'm going for here... cool huh, can spell "phonetically" but not ach... acke? ach? ga I hate this spelling thing... and I have like 6 spelling nazi's on my friends list... lol!)

We tried to watch The Rookie last night... jezus... we both passed out dead away after 40 minutes... it might have well been a Kevin Costner movie with the snail like pace or a DH Lawrence book with the pathetically long pan pan pan moments that take forever to cover a simple almost-non-story element.

~ gray ftls
~ ripped blue jeans
~ kinda white T
~ to root through several tubs of lego looking for the parts to the "lego creator" game
~ take Z's computer apart, put in a new root disk, and load xp-pro (please cross fingers!) :D
~ birthday party for best friends little three year old. :D
~ to get a chance to do a little picture / story post about Kimberly's visit.
~ that somebody helped out hisbeauty... write me if you're still having trouble with that.
~ to send a "hi and yes I did miss you" to my friend jennfromtx
~ to congratulate kaylee on the popsicle post... :) (grin)
~ that my friend sometimes59 feels bedda soon... and to point out to everyone else... that she is fantastic! :)
~ to congratulate lvglenn and missilv on their sorta secret recent wedding! :D (beautiful pictures guys... )

Ok... the boys are here waiting for dad to play... see ya.
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