Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

~ smile...

LOTR - TTT : Oh my god! that was fantastic. My ass got sore... but, ya know... yer ass can get sore doing a lot of things, most of them are a blast... sitting through The Two Towers was right up there! :D

I'm still riding the crest of the fun I had getting a visit from our friends from North Carolina... and I really need to get busy cropping and posting pictures... maybe later today. :)

~ morning sweats
~ a relaxing day...
~ going to a bring-your-kids-party with a "the old gang" from high school.... should be interesting... it's a pizza-for-dinner thing. :D
~ tonight? no idea.
~ that my friend katie8471 and her family feels better... :)
~ for good things to happen with my friend kaylee... just 'cause. :D
~ to point out that it's called "foozball" !! :D
~ for only safe driving and patience to rule the road for my friends kimberly27616 and her hubby nortacon.
~ that lakme (she of the incredible everything) enjoys the new chair...
~ that all is well with another precious friend (incarnation) and that all is well in her ever growing family! !!
~ and hoping that all is well with a kinda long-lost friend topazgrrl who is just so seriously not net connected!
~ off in the glorious land of Visalia... a wee kristylicious is prol'y enjoying herself ... and I hope all is well with her, zac and the whole family. :D
~ there's no ripped flesh for Pammy (passerine at the spa today
~ oh I could go on and on... there is so much that I manage to fill my little head (not that one ya perve) with about you guys... I do hope you're having a great holiday.

They're cloning in Florida... and you know what that means... counting votes in FLA will get even worse... poor Floridians... Maybe they'll clone Richard Simmons and open a huge line of fitness centers for all the old folks... :)

There are two kinds of people...
One kind locks the door in the bathroom when they're going at a friends house,
to save themselves the embarassment of someone walking in...
The other locks the door to save someone else the embarassment of walking in.

... btw, it's smooch day.
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